LSC mentoring program


Our mentoring program aims to match mentor and mentee pairs within the LSC to help with career development and related questions such as:

  • career planning;
  • professional advancement (applying to faculty jobs, negotiating job offers, applying to postdocs, succeeding in postdocs);
  • work/life balance;
  • making progress as a graduate student;
  • research skills (grant writing, technical skills, record keeping, time management);
  • publishing,

and anything that a mentor/mentee pair agree on as a topic for advising. Sometimes it can even just be helpful to have a contact person from a different place and with a different perspective you can discuss with.

Anyone can be a mentor or a mentee – or even a mentor to a more junior person and a mentee to a more senior person at the same time.

If you are interested in participating, please fill in the application form.

Mentees: We will contact you soon after your request with a few suggestions for possible mentors you can choose from and then get you in touch with your new mentor.

Mentors: We will contact you once we have a matching mentee request for you.