Mikhail Korobko

Mikhail Korobko

Graduate student representative

Election statement

I’m honoured to be nominated for a representative of the LVC graduate students in the LAAC.

The LAAC helps students and postdocs to make the education and research more accessible for the new students, to find the relevant resources and connections within the collaboration, and to select the best job opportunities for the finishing students.

Being a new student in the collaboration is very exciting, but at times can be quite overwhelming - the amount of information is immense and one can easily become lost in it. The goal is to help students navigate in the complex structure of the LVC research and education, and integrate into community. On the other hand, the graduate school can be stressful by itself, be that in studies, research or writing a thesis, and supporting the students during this time is one of the most important goals of the LAAC as I see it.

I have spent almost 4 years as a graduate student in the LVC, and know well the organisational structure of the collaboration and its resources. As a student representative I will bring this knowledge and my experience as a graduate into the LAAC to ensure the tight connection, understanding and support between the students of the LVC and the rest of the collaboration.

The collaboration is rapidly growing, including new groups and countries every year, yet the modern world challenges the cohesion of the collaboration by building the borders and obstructing a free exchange of ideas. The internet becomes the foothold for building a new type of collaboration. Improving the visibility and diversity of the educational and informational materials available online becomes crucial, and I as a representative in the LAAC I will address this issue in its entirety.

My short biography: I’m a fourth year PhD student in the University of Hamburg (Germany). I work on experimental and theoretical aspects of advanced interferometer configurations, with the focus on quantum noise mitigation using squeezed light and back-action evasion techniques. I have been a part of LVC since 2012 part time and since 2014 continuously.